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RECENT STUFFS! Not in the galleries! Check it out. [Apr. 1st, 2012|07:57 am]
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HAI everyone, i havent posted a show off in forEvvver. Been too busy making hair to update my website or make any posts, hahah! I posted this to hairextensionsforum also! Im not cutting it cause it's too much work at this point, sorry. >_>

Anywho i've been experimenting a lot with wrapping synthetic hair around woolies and vice versa, it's been super fun. I've had lots of cool sets go thru my hands recently but here is a selection of some i particularly enjoyed.

First this is an insane ass order I just finished that was 120 SINGLE dreads, all skinny and all somewhere around 24" long. MADNESS! this girl SELF-INSTALLS them too. very impressive. anywho she chose some wacked out colour combos:

black to emerald transitional mostly, plus cherry red, orange, purple/violaceous, turquoise/blue violet, burgundy, and black/lime. madness i tell you. i can't wait to see them installed.

next are some chunky ass golden/brown themed steampunky wrapped DEs. I LOVED these and they are gonna be up for grabs again cause the girl who bought them didnt end up jiving with them.

And nexty is a lil set of falls I made that are curly, blonde and petrol, one of them ended up getting returned to me cause they were just too BIG for her wee head.

this one's a small FIREY ish set I wore myself for a bit, mixed in with my real dreadies. I just love citrus orange, it's one of my new faves. so, wavey and straight DEs. this is what they looked like after I wore them for about a month.

next are some more chunky wraps, these ones are pink and black single ends. customs, and theres like five pinks in there although my phone, as usual, doesn't catch them.

next one is a set of purple/brown single synths with a bunch of wool bits wrapped around them! I loved these puppies. Check out the texture mixins, i love doing it even tho it takes forever heh.

NEXT is a freaking awesome set that i was sooo close to keeping. Heheh. I made them at xmas time and they are "Cherry Cola Candy Cane" dreads. if there were cherry cola candy canes i think they would look like these kinda? Anywho they are merino DE wraps, i sold the lightest ones so the set is now "broken" poor babies. hehehehe.

And lastly, a little something I just made yesterday or the day before. Peach Float woolies! Or maybe its a Peach Creamsicle? Not sure. either way it's a peach dessert, also supersoft merino, not felted yet though! I wonder who on earth this colour will be perfect for? someone i hope.

THE END! there are many more and have been many more, but i just don't have the brainspace to post them. hope y'all like! <3 <3

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faceybook pageness.... [Jan. 19th, 2012|06:48 am]
[location? |studio]
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Hey peeps!

So, my website is mega outdated right now! I've been so busy with custom orders and life schmoz that my galleries are getting old now!

Anywho I've been doing a lot more business through >> my facebook page! << So it would be awesome if you would join me there.

Thanks everyone, and yes I am still taking custom orders and actively dreading!!! XD

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SALEZ! [May. 30th, 2011|11:57 am]
Hey guys!!

I am selling , last minute, a bunch of various dread creations before I head on a trip on Thursday!!

Here is the post;

comment on it or PM me ! Woop woop!!!

In other news I will be vending with Anahata Designs and Ember Nomad at ENTHEOS gathering on June 17 weekend !! See you 'nauts there!


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a time for change. [Nov. 6th, 2010|04:45 am]
[location? |bassment]
[mood? |bouncybouncy]

I am going to redesign my website again...

It happens every so often. It's time.

I'm excited!!

Oh, and look at this rad hair.

These are nine DE merino wool wraps and a bunch of loose yarn installed into hair which is dreaded underneath and undreaded on top.

You can see the full-sized image in the Mixed Media Extensions gallery !

I am taking custom orders currently with a wait time of max one month. I also have a selection of falls available at Deadly Couture in Vancouver. See you soon with a newly revamped site ! :D
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Recent Projects... [Oct. 8th, 2010|12:34 am]
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[mood? |blahowwie!]
[tunes? |di.fm prog channel]

Here's a sampling of my most recent projects. Some of these might be for sale online soon. It depends which ones are chosen for sale locally, and that's not my call.. So here you go , some teasers :p

Sarahbear found some incredible merino and brought it to me to make these for burningman. there are FOUR sets of about twelve dreads each, in different colour themes, which all mix to become this big colourful mess.. Click to see the full image, there are also some more different pics of them in the wool extensions gallery.

I also made a set of pink and white half-curly dreads for miss Eureka which she looks far too cute in.

Here we also have... two very different sets of clips!

For those of us unfamiliar these are stitched to weave clips. They are insta-pigtails for anyone with very short hair, even hair that is too short for falls. They can also be styled into updos or worn underneath natural hair or dreads.. Many options. The first pic is of two matching sets of clips.. There are six DEs on each clip to make twelve strands. Two clips are pink and white, and two are brown and purple, so they can be work together or separately.

the others are smaller yarn dreads in two shades of handspun brown.

What else? Some black and white synthetic falls..

some polar fleece falls with beady bits and cyberlox...

some pink and blonde themed curly falls

and lastly some blue braided falls that took a really long time and are really fluffy and soft and wonderful.... with a few synth braids in there


In other news I have other things to post, like some hair from Shambhala and some other random odds and ends, but this is all the new stuff I've galleried today. See you in a few days with some more showing off!!

Oh by the way I have a new monster mansion in Burnaby, so come over for installs, okay? okay
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Today's Task: [Oct. 5th, 2010|10:31 pm]
[location? |josh's house!]
[mood? |calmcalm]
[tunes? |josh and pat jammin.]

Preparing my brain to post a whackload of new things.
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Gallery Update! [May. 18th, 2010|04:28 am]
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[location? |nada.]
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Whew, its' been forever since I updated my hair galleries! I've added a bunch of new pictures including some from as far back as last summer.

In other news I've also relocated to Vancouver. All a y'all from the left coast be ma friendz!

Nothingwhat is vending this year at Motion Notion, Shambhala, and Astral Harvest music festivals. I've also been making dread wigs which will be included in my next update.

Here's one highlight from each gallery....

A special request from Kira to make some extensions based on Nevermind Creations' awesome wig (bottom left!)
Find these in the synthetics gallery, along with the largest chunk of my new pics.
She's also added some crown beads which I molded and baked!

Sexy single-ended wool wraps + transitional wraps! Find these in the wool gallery.

Mz. Jacquie takes the opportunity to be a rainbow mama! Find this one in the mixed gallery!

Thanks for reading everyone! I also have a nothingwhat page on Facebook, if anyone cares to add or share. Much love!
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An Extended History.... a year and a half of nothingwhat! [Jun. 15th, 2009|03:11 pm]
[location? |never.]
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hi world,
yeah, these pics are all in the gallery on the nothingwhat website, but maybe some of you LJ-ers have not stalked me as much as you should, so here you are getting poked and told to observe the awesomeness of hair.

these are just some of my personal favorite falls and extensions, if you want to see the rest of them you can visit my website gallery!

( nothingwhat )

I also posted this to my personal journal (nifties ) as well as HEF and fakehair , so, apologies if anyone gets xposted all over the place!

incidentally, those are the journals whereby you can find me and my biz! :]

okay, here we go:

(hmmm it's hard to choose just one pic to go above the cut...)

A pink, purple and black transitional curly dread-hawk.

manymanymany more...Collapse )
Hope you enjoyed, soon I will post another show off of my wigs and maybe some other things from my current stock once they leave my hands. Thanks for looking!

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re/flekt [Nov. 8th, 2008|06:59 pm]
[location? |nowhere]
[mood? |awakenein]
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nothingwhatsoever.net has hereby been turned over,

it is now much prettier and includes almost a year's worth of new hair works!

Also the shop is back up, with a small inventory of premade falls.

Next update will include galleries for -five- artists and some new clothing and accessories in the shop.

and lastly, nothing whatsoever now exists on etsy at nothingwhatsoever.etsy.com!!

see you soon >3

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whew! [Jul. 30th, 2008|09:03 pm]
[location? |Hornby Island BC]

Real-life changes have caused a priority shift in my life, so you'll be seeing this space transform again. Apologies for lacking in updates to this website!! I'll do a gallery update and a re-addition of art (with some new stuff!!!) very soon.

Sewing orders are still off!! I am still making custom hair though :] But not until October, I am travelling til then!

I'll be vending at Motion Notion and Shambhala, so see you all there!
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